The Mission of the Schedel Arboretum & Gardens is to offer life enriching experiences for the benefit of current and future generations by affording opportunities for the study and appreciation of nature and the arts. 


“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”
                                                                                                            -Frank Lloyd Wright



This mission is realized by offering a beautiful and tranquil venue providing an opportunity for guests of all ages and backgrounds to:

  • Further their understanding of, and appreciation for, nature and the enduring relationship between plants and people
  • enjoy premier educational, cultural, social, and leisure pursuits
  • expand appreciation for things of a cultural nature
  • partake of educational opportunities relating to nature and the arts
  • utilize this unique setting for groups to conduct meetings, workshops, training sessions, retreats, bonding exercises, religious ceremonies, fundraisers, and other such activities, where a tranquil, upscale setting is desired
  • host outdoor social events such as weddings, receptions, reunions, parties, dinners
  • engage in learning and research experiences often in cooperation with schools and institutions of higher learning


The Schedel Arboretum & Gardens is an operation of the Joseph J. & Marie P. Schedel Foundation, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) public foundation.

Operation of the gardens is funded by memberships, grants, gifts, admissions (and other income generated by the gardens), as well as limited support from the Schedel Foundation.



 The Schedel Arboretum & Gardens is a legacy left to the public by Joseph & Marie Schedel.  This unique treasure is the continuation of a dream envisioned by the Schedels following taking up residence here in 1929.  Love of nature and the arts was exemplified in their many accomplishments during nearly fifty years in residence here.  Notable among these accomplishments was internationally acclaimed work related to preservation of rare and endangered waterfowl and amassing significant collections of antique oriental art objects; as well as creation of an outstanding collection of plants displayed in an elegant landscape design.  They were truly visionaries who were well ahead of their time.  The Schedels created the Schedel Foundation to which they entrusted the stewardship of the gardens upon their passing.  According to their wishes, the Foundation began to make ready for opening the gardens to the public following Marie’s passing in 1989.  In May of 1991 the Schedel Arboretum and Gardens was first opened to the public and has been open seasonally since, except for a time in the summer of 1992 when closure was necessary for clean up and repairs following a tornado that destroyed 131 mature trees.  Since then, the gardens have been subject to constant growth and improvements, thanks to the generosity of its many benefactors, members, volunteers, and dedicated staff.

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