Garden Etiquette

Please use Common Sense.

We ask that visitors “take nothing but photos” and “leave nothing but footprints.”  Feel free to walk on the grass and on the wood chipped paths that run through many of the larger beds.  Guests must not under any circumstances climb on or in any way bend or twist the branches of trees and shrubs.  Many specimens are rare and valuable.  Likewise, it is unsafe to step in or attempt to wade in the water features and lakes or climb or lean on the sculptures and other structures.

Be cautious around machinery such as mowers, utility carts and tractors.  Operators are instructed to be cautious and guests must be, as well.

Smoking is absolutely prohibited anywhere on the grounds.  In addition to protecting guests from second hand smoke, this is imperative because the tobacco mosaic virus affects over 150 varieties of herbaceous plants.  Cigarette, pipe and cigar smokers may inadvertently infect plants causing serious damage.

No food is allowed on the grounds.  It is illegal to bring alcoholic beverages onto the grounds, however, beer, wine and spirituous liquor is available for purchase.  Soft drinks and bottled water are available for purchase in the Garden Argosy gift shop.

No pets permitted on the grounds.

Finally, please use waste receptacles for all trash.

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